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[Request] Ask for ZigBee (or other IoT) network traces

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Inscription : 10 avr. 2019, 10:26

[Request] Ask for ZigBee (or other IoT) network traces

Message par jnt » 10 avr. 2019, 16:17


As part of my thesis, I am looking for volunteers to get captures of their personal IoT infrastructure (using ZigBee mainly) in order to allow me to evaluate my modelling works. My global objective is to release an analysis tool on github at the end of my thesis.

Currently I'm a PhD student at CITI lab at INSA lyon. My works are focus on the security evaluation of IoT networks. This process relies on multiples steps. The first one involves modelling the IoT network using passive mode, it means intercept the traffic without disturbing it. From this capture, I provide a modelling based on several graphs, constructed with an iterative approach to get the maximum information from the network. The modelling is based on 4 graphs. The first one consists in identifying the direct communications between objects (point-to-point), the second one offers a view of real communications (without routers - end-to-end communications). The third graph suggests a view of types of application existing within the network and set a role of each actor (node in the network). Finally, the last graph highlights interactions between objects even if these are not directly or indirectly able to communicate. For example the sensor is not directly connect to an actuator but the data send by the former impact the behavior of the latter and this is this action what we want to show up.

At this moment my works are only tested with handcrafted scenarios. However this is insufficient to evaluate the relevance and the suitability of the modelling. To improve them i need more samples from heterogeneous platforms, unknown and not handled. That why I need your help and i wrote this message to ask you if it is possible to get networks captures of your own IoT networks.

For those who are not able to sniff their network, I can possibly do it (at Lyon and nearby). Also all received captures are confidential by default and i can anonymize them.

I would like to specify that the tool will be released on github at the end of my thesis (not currently available).

If you think you can participate, please let me know by email or private messages.

Thanks everyone and feel free to ask any questions .



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